At Cell-fie Education, we deliver monthly science activity kits straight to your door! Our boxes are aimed at 7-14 year old’s with a budding interest in science and the world around them.

​Designed for kids, by teachers, we ensure that there’s always an educational element to the box. We design our boxes based around the KS2 and KS3 curriculum, making sure that your child has the fundamental knowledge required to progress into their GCSE’s.

Every month, receive a different science kit, each with a minimum of 3 experiments each. All the kits will include the equipment needed, including a piece of lab equipment to help build your very own science lab at home!

Our boxes are based around the KS2 and KS3 curriculum, meaning its not only fun but educational. Perfect for developing scientific and practical skills.

In your first box you will receive:

Our separation techniques kit
1x 250ml Beaker
1x 250ml Conical Flask
1x Goggles
1x Test Tube Rack
6x Test Tubes
1x Spotting Tiles
3x Pippettes
1x Measuring Cylinder
1x Filter Funnel