Garden Fun Crafting Kits


Garden Fun Crafting Kits

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Build and paint your own observational bug house, wooden butterfly house and a wooden bird feeder.


Bug House:

Learn and play the creative way with these educational sets! Crafty kids with an inquisitive mind will be enthralled by this exciting activity – the chance to build and design your own bug house, collect your own creepy crawlies to live in your luxury hotel, then peep through the mesh and keep an eye on what’s going on inside. Use paints to add some life to the pre-cut panels, then get down to business! They’ll fill with glee at the opportunity to get their hands dirty and gather some bugs, then be fascinated as they watch the world behind their walls! Colour, paint, build and watch!

Bird Feeder:

Children will love making and decorating their own wooden bird feeder.

Butterfly Houses:

This wooden butterfly house is designed to keep butterflies safe! Easy to assemble then decorate